Endless Runner

This is my first serious project with UE4, before I did some projects with cameras and floating objects.
My project files got corrupted so I couldn’t make a picture of my own game but it looks like the one from the YouTube video below, although I added a distance meter.

I really liked to work with the blueprints, it works really fast and you can organize it like you want.
At first it was hard to get used to UE4 because I had already worked with unity and was getting used to it.
After a while I got used to working with UE4 and I like the way you can make parts of the course and add it in the game.
My extra assignment was to make a distance meter. At first it was pretty difficult because I wanted to make a distance meter based on time, but I got an actual distance meter working because I used the method: get position - get last recorded position get that number and print it to screen and then make the position my last recorded position.