2D SideScroller

This game doesn’t have a real goal since it is just about learning how to make a 2D Sidescroller with UE4. I had to make tiles to walk on, a tile map, traps to die from, a character and a health bar. I had to animate the character (since I already got all the sprites from a website I didn't have to make them) which was completely new to me, I animated before in Unity but this was completely different. Around the spikes I made a square on trigger component which had to call loss of life points to see my health bar deplete and if I had no life points I had to die and disable all input. This was the first time working with animations within UE4, I really liked animating and the fact that I had to call different animations for hit, run, jump and dead. I really enjoyed making this project because the whole animation in UE4 part was new to me and to see how it differs from Unity is fascinating, even though it does exactly the same.