I really liked to make the X-Wing and I’m very proud of how it looks.
I first made the fuselage of the X-Wing together with the cockpit and nose.
After that I build one wing with the gun and rocket, I had to put an extra rectangle on the wing because in the lesson I was following he forgot it and just added it.
Then I cut out holes in the fuselage for the wings and duplicated the wings and put 2 on either side.
The last thing I had to do was to add details for example the lines on the rocket, a R2 unit, some extra details on the top of the fuselage and lastly at the back a couple fine details.

I’m really satisfied how the X-Wing turned out and I learned a lot of new tricks for making all the details.

X-wing photo

X-wing front

X-wing top

X-wing side