3 Different Tanks

This project consists of 3 tanks with each a maximum amount of polygons. I tried to make three very different tanks to really challenge me to come up with different ideas and to use all sorts of techniques to make them al stand out even the low resolution one. I found myself very pleased with the outcome for all three tanks, and am very happy with the progress I made within Maya. All in all, I didn’t get to face to many problems. The only thing that I struggled with was making the tires, by getting the grey parts to properly line up on the more circular parts of the tire.


Tank with max 400 polygons.

The first one is with a maximum of 400 polygons. it wasn’t really hard to make this one because I couldn’t go into detail with a maximum of 400 polygons. When I was done modelling I started with laying out my UV’s, again this was quite easy since there is not much detail. I choose for a desert like tank with a sandier colour, I added in some scratches which you will see on all of the tanks because it adds a bit more realism to the textures.




Tank with max 800 polygons.

Next up is the tank with a maximum of 800 polygons which allowed me to add a bit more detail. In this case I choose to add an exhaust and an extra gun at the top of the tank. Again not too much problems since I still had to keep the tank quite square. For the textures I choose for a cartoony looking tank, that’s why I added the big black lines to really outline and detail the tank.

Tank with max 1000 polygons.

The last tank is the one with a maximum of 1000 polygons. With this one I could really make a more realistic looking tank with rounder tires and a lot more details. I choose to add more guns, lights, containers on the right side of the tank and a little extra detail on the base above the tires. To save polygons I deleted most of the bottom faces of the added details, since you would never get to see those. For the textures I choose a more realistic and old approach by adding the lights at the back and the front, but also with the leather containers for tools and medical supplies. I used 2 bump-maps to give the tires and the entry on the top some more depth without using any more unnecessary polygons (the last picture is one of the 2 bump-maps, I did not add the one for the entry because it was only a black circle with a green background). I could not have one single bump-map since I choose to have 3 separate components one for the base and guns, one for the tires and one for all the extra detail.