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Suitcase Full of Games

Suitcase Full of Games was designed for children with mental disabilities. By letting the children play this game they can learn numbers, colours, vehicles and shapes by having fun. This project was a lot like Bimii, also developed by Mediaheads (If you require more in-depth information, please visit www.Bimii.nl). The suitcase full of games consists of a self-made laptop with a scanner developed by Mediaheads, a suitcase with blocks displaying an image and six games with multiple difficulties.

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Tappastory is a game you can play on mobile or on a tablet. It is a game made for children around the age of three to ten where you can create your own story with many different props like, characters, vehicles, benches, rocks, signs and many more. There is also an option to make speech bubbles, to record your own audio, change the background of the scene, include a short movie or clip in the background and to view your created scene in augmented reality.

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Wappidoo is a game you play with a minimum of four players in two teams. A teammate swipes a number that will be subtracted at the end of the round, this varies from zero to three. You can also swipe a star or a question mark. The star is a multiplier that will double your score at the end of the round and the question mark will provide your team a question they have to answer. Within a given time the person with the phone must explain as many words as possible to his or her teammates to score points. The first team that achieves the maximum score is the winner.

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